World Athletics Launches ‘Running for Clean Air’ Initiative in Warsaw

Discover how World Athletics’ ‘Running for Clean Air’ project in Warsaw pioneers the monitoring of air quality’s effects on human health and running. Partnering with local organizations, this initiative highlights the importance of clean air for athletes and citizens alike.

Groundbreaking “Running for Clean Air” Project Launches in Warsaw, Poland

In a ground-breaking collaboration, World Athletics is set to launch the “Running for Clean Air” project in Warsaw, Poland, in March 2024. This innovative initiative aims to raise awareness about the impact of air quality on human health and running performance.

Partnering with the Warsaw Marathon Foundation, Polish Athletics, and the City of Warsaw, World Athletics will deploy an air quality monitor in one of the city’s parks. Over the next six months, from April to September 2024, the project will closely monitor and analyze the air quality in this popular running spot.

The culmination of the project will come during the Warsaw City Marathon on September 29, 2024, when dynamic air quality monitoring will be conducted along the marathon route. This data will be readily accessible to the public, allowing the running community and citizens to better understand the conditions they exercise in.

“The goal of installing an air quality monitor in one of our central city parks is to enhance air quality monitoring near places where people do sports, and to increase awareness of air quality impact on individuals during exercises,” says Magdalena MÅ‚ochowska, the Deputy Director from the City of Warsaw.

World Athletics’ Health and Science Department will provide analytical reports on a monthly basis, further enriching the data and insights gathered through this initiative.

Marek Tronina, CEO of the Warsaw Marathon Foundation, emphasizes the importance of addressing air quality for the health of the running community and the general population. “By addressing it in our events, we want to motivate global running communities to take action on this matter.”

The Warsaw running community, with its keen interest in health and performance, will be a crucial pillar in the success of the “Running for Clean Air” project. Hubert T Trochimowicz, ESG & Development Consultant from Polish Athletics, underscores the significance of this connection, stating, “We advocate for a healthy lifestyle and this allows us to better understand the conditions the people in Warsaw exercise in so that we can further improve them and bring even more people into our sport.”

Warsaw is the first city to host the “Running for Clean Air” project, which will be followed by Lagos, Nigeria, later in 2024. This initiative marks a significant step forward in World Athletics’ commitment to addressing air pollution and promoting a healthier, more sustainable future for the global running community.

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