World Athletics Championships 2023: Training Future Sports Journalists

Young writers and editors from various countries participate in the Media Development Programme at the World Athletics Indoor Championships 2023, receiving training and firsthand experience in sports journalism. Follow Jasmine Trapnell’s journey as she covers intense events and gains invaluable skills in a competitive media environment.

Aspiring Sports Journalists Gain Invaluable Experience at World Athletics Championships 2023

The Media Development Programme, a long-term initiative by World Athletics, recently provided seven young writers and editors from five countries – Italy, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, and the United Kingdom – with a unique opportunity to cover the World Athletics Indoor Championships in Glasgow.

For Jasmine Trapnell, a university student from the UK, the chance to participate in the program came just days before the event. “Sports journalists will drop almost anything to go to a World Championships, and that is exactly what I did,” she recounts. Trapnell had been working at the British Athletics Indoor Championships when she received an email offering her a spot on the Media Development Programme in Glasgow.

Over the course of the week, the participants immersed themselves in a comprehensive training regimen, learning from experienced journalists and World Athletics personnel. The curriculum covered essential skills such as writing improvement, media operations, journalistic ethics, interviewing techniques, and even a commentary masterclass with renowned broadcaster Rob Walker.

“These classes provided us with essential skills to become top journalists, also allowing us to discuss and share experiences, and learn from one another,” Trapnell explains.

The group also had the rare privilege of touring the arena and stepping onto the track before the athletes, an experience Trapnell describes as unforgettable.

As the competition unfolded, the aspiring journalists put their newfound knowledge into practice, each assigned to cover at least one event per day. Trapnell recounts her experiences, from reporting on the thrilling men’s shot put final to the dramatic women’s pole vault competition, where French athlete Margot Chevrier suffered a serious injury.

“Experiencing an international level media mixed zone was something I was very nervous about, knowing it would be extremely busy at times, but the opportunity to interview athletes in that environment only boosted my confidence,” Trapnell shares.

Reflecting on the program, Trapnell expresses deep gratitude for the invaluable opportunity. “In just a week, I have been able to develop a wide variety of skills, network with experienced journalists, and receive invaluable feedback,” she says. This immersive experience has undoubtedly provided these young talents with a significant boost in their pursuit of a career in sports journalism.

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