World Athletics and Tata Communications Collaborate for Enhanced Broadcasting

World Athletics and Tata Communications join forces to transform the athletics viewing experience with cutting-edge broadcasting solutions. The partnership aims to enhance audience engagement, expand reach, and boost sustainability efforts. Get ready for an unparalleled broadcast experience across World Athletics Series events.

Groundbreaking Partnership Announced Between World Athletics and Tata Communications

In a move set to revolutionize the viewing experience for athletics enthusiasts globally, World Athletics and Tata Communications have announced a landmark five-year partnership. Tata Communications will serve as the global host broadcasting services provider for the World Athletics Series events, starting from 2025.

This strategic alliance will see Tata Communications take on the pivotal role of crafting immersive coverage and delivering customized, world-class live content across continents. The partnership aims to elevate innovation and audience engagement to unprecedented levels.

Tata Communications’ vision aligns seamlessly with World Athletics’ goal of increasing the reach of the sport worldwide.

The partnership will see Tata Communications support strategic initiatives, including a focused emphasis on growing the sport within the lucrative Indian market.

Moreover, the two organizations will collaborate to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to enhance and progress World Athletics’ sustainability efforts, which are central to the federation’s future strategy.

The World Athletics Championships regularly captivate a global viewing audience of over one billion people. The 2024 edition, set to take place in Tokyo from September 13-21, is just one of the four World Athletics Series events scheduled for 2025, which also include the World Indoor Championships in Nanjing, the World Relays in Guangzhou, and the World Road Running Championships in San Diego.

World Athletics is thrilled to work closely with Tata Communications, leveraging their enhanced technology platform to deliver a superior broadcast experience for athletics fans around the world.

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