Global Running Conference Riga: Day Two Highlights and Insights

Discover the key sessions on the Kenyan running ecosystem, elite race tactics, Label Road Races, and athlete branding from the second day of the Global Running Conference. Gain insights into the future of road running.

The Global Running Conference in Riga Continues with Day Two Highlights

The second day of the Global Running Conference in Riga, held as part of the World Athletics Road Running Championships Riga 23, is now available for viewing. The conference kicked off on Friday with various road running workshops, and the day two programme on Saturday (30) featured a series of sessions on topics including the Kenyan running ecosystem and culture, elite race strategies, the Label Road Races programme, and building elite athletes’ public profiles.

“Road matters for me both personally and given my role in World Athletics. It matters to me in World Athletics because road, trail, mountain, wherever you look, this is probably the most fertile space and probably has the greatest potential to help grow our sport. There are billions of people on the planet that do this. It is the most democratic and accessible sport.”

  • Sebastian Coe, World Athletics President

The day’s programme included sessions on various aspects of road running, such as insights into the Japanese pro running scene, the Road Races Integrity Programme, the new Regulations for Athletes’ Representatives, and strategies for maximizing social media and athlete influencers for event promotion. The conference also featured a panel discussion on connecting elite and recreational runners across different running cultures around the world.

The Global Running Conference is a significant event in the world of athletics, providing a platform for industry professionals to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the road running landscape. The insights and discussions from this year’s conference are sure to shape the future of the sport and its continued growth.

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