World Athletics Relays Podcast: Preview of Events & Exciting News

Join the World Athletics Inside Track Podcast in The Bahamas as experts preview the thrilling World Athletics Relays. Explore India’s 4x400m potential, the proposed mixed relay event, and Paris 2024 qualification insights. Exciting updates await!

World Athletics Experts Preview Exciting Relays Weekend in The Bahamas

In the latest episode of the World Athletics Inside Track Podcast, released today, a panel of experts gathered in The Bahamas for the World Athletics Relays Bahamas 24 to preview an exciting weekend of competition.

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe and CEO Jon Ridgeon joined athletes Sanya Richards-Ross, Richard Kilty, and Kelly Sotherton to share their predictions and insights on the upcoming events, including the men’s and women’s 4x100m, 4x400m, and the mixed relay.

Ridgeon and Sotherton expressed their belief in India’s rising potential in the men’s 4x400m, forecasting a podium finish for the team. However, the highlight of the discussion was Ridgeon’s announcement regarding the potential introduction of a mixed 4x100m relay event.

“The whole mixed relay thing is actually a really interesting concept, and, in many ways, we think that mixed athletics could be the future,” Ridgeon revealed. “We are this year looking into testing a concept of a mixed 4x100m relay. We’re not saying it’s going to work; we’re not saying that it will be an event, but it is one of the things that we are going to be testing. We are starting with an open mind and we’re starting with all various variations.”

The suggestion was enthusiastically received by Richards-Ross and Sotherton, who volunteered to be part of the testing phase. Richards-Ross even proposed the idea of a draw to determine the running order, adding an extra layer of excitement to the potential event.

Kilty, who is part of Great Britain’s men’s 4x100m squad in Nassau, also joined the conversation, providing his own predictions and insights on the relay events. The panel also clarified the qualification process for relay teams to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

This podcast episode is the first in a series of World Athletics Inside Track Podcast episodes from Nassau, which will be available on various platforms, including the World Athletics website. As the year progresses, an all-star cast will return to preview the events at the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

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