World Athletics Race Walking Team Championships: Global Medallists Ready in Antalya

Get ready for an exciting competition at the World Athletics Race Walking Team Championships in Antalya, featuring star athletes like Alvaro Martin and Maria Perez. Learn about the qualification process for the Paris Olympics and the captivating debut of the marathon race walk mixed relay.

Multiple Global Medallists to Compete at World Athletics Race Walking Team Championships in Antalya

The World Athletics Race Walking Team Championships Antalya 24 will feature a star-studded lineup, including double world champions Alvaro Martin and Maria Perez, on April 21st.

The event’s program includes five races, with the action starting at 7:00 local time with the U20 men’s 10km race walk, followed by the U20 women’s 10km race walk at 8:00. The senior women’s 20km race walk will begin at 9:10, the senior men’s 20km race walk at 11:05, and the marathon race walk mixed relay at 12:55.

The competition holds added significance this year, as it serves as a qualifying event for the marathon race walk mixed relay at the upcoming Paris Olympic Games.

The races will take place on a 2km loop course near the Antalya Expo Centre, featuring wide, flat paths with large turning points.

In the senior 20km races, teams can field up to five athletes, with the top three scores counting towards the team result. For the U20 10km events, teams can include up to three athletes, with the top two scores determining the team outcome. The team with the lowest aggregate of points will be declared the winner in each race.

Prize money will be awarded for the senior team events, with the winning team receiving $15,000. Additionally, a $50,000 prize is on offer if a world record is broken in the senior women’s or men’s 20km races, subject to ratification.

The marathon race walk mixed relay makes its debut at these championships. Each team will consist of one male and one female athlete, completing legs of 12.195km, 10km, 10km, and 10km respectively. The first 22 finishing teams will automatically qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics, with up to five of those spots available for a second team from the same country.

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