World Athletics Indoor Championships Coaches’ Club: Learn from Prominent Athletes and Coaches

Experience the World Athletics Indoor Championships Coaches’ Club in Glasgow, where renowned athletes and coaches like Carmelita Jeter and Laurent Meuwly share their insights. Engage in discussions on coaching strategies and professional development.

Prominent Athletes and Coaches Gather for World Athletics Indoor Championships Coaches’ Club in Glasgow

Glasgow, March 2023 – Some of the world’s leading athletes and coaches will come together for a three-day Coaches’ Club during the highly anticipated World Athletics Indoor Championships in Glasgow. The event, organized by World Athletics in cooperation with the Global Athletics Coaching Academy (GACA), will take place from March 1-3, coinciding with the three days of the championships.

The Coaches’ Club is designed as a platform for the coaching community to learn in real-time from the championships experience. The event is open to coaches, teachers, and decision-makers in the sport, providing them with the opportunity to hear from renowned figures, exchange ideas, and network.

The afternoon sessions will feature a diverse lineup of speakers, including Olympic and world champions such as Carmelita Jeter, Willie Banks, and Ryan Crouser, as well as prominent coaches like Laurent Meuwly, Mellanee Welty, and Helena Duplantis. The sessions will cover a range of topics, including strategies for change, effective coaching of female athletes, and the importance of fostering a learning culture.

“Registered coaches who attend the afternoon sessions, either on-site or online, will receive a certificate towards their continuous professional development. The program will be available in multiple languages, and the afternoon sessions will be recorded, with summary points shared in the evening.”

This Coaches’ Club promises to be a valuable and engaging event for the athletics community, offering a unique chance to learn from the best in the sport and contribute to the ongoing development of coaching excellence.

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