Wanda Diamond League 2024 Schedule: World-Class Athletics Series Revealed

Get ready for the excitement of the 2024 Wanda Diamond League season, with top athletes competing in 15 meetings worldwide. Watch as athletes strive for points to qualify for the intense Wanda Diamond League Final in Brussels. The action kicks off in Xiamen, promising a thrilling showcase of talents in various disciplines.

The Wanda Diamond League: Unveiling the 2024 Season Schedule

The Wanda Diamond League, the world’s premier one-day athletics series, has announced its comprehensive schedule for the upcoming 2024 season. The upcoming year will see a thrilling lineup of events, featuring the globe’s top athletes competing across four continents.

The season will encompass 15 meetings, kicking off in Xiamen on April 20 and culminating in the Wanda Diamond League Final in Brussels on September 13-14. Fans can look forward to enthralling events such as the men’s 100m, women’s 200m, and a captivating 100/110m hurdles double bill.

Opportunities Galore for Athletes

Each discipline will be staged at least four times, and up to eight times, providing athletes from around the world ample opportunities to earn crucial points towards qualification for the final. This comprehensive schedule will ensure that the competition remains intense and the final outcome is truly deserved.

“The comprehensive schedule promises an electrifying year of world-class athletics action for fans to enjoy.”

Two meetings will take place in new locations due to stadium renovations, with the Meeting International Mohammed VI moving from Rabat to Marrakech, and the Wanda Diamond League Shanghai event held in Suzhou.

Broadcast and Final Showcase

The 14 series meetings will be broadcasted in a two-hour TV program, showcasing a minimum of 14 Diamond disciplines at each event. The Wanda Diamond League Final in Brussels will be the sole meeting to feature all 32 Diamond League champion events, crowning the winners over the course of two thrilling days.

While the season calendar and discipline allocation remain subject to change, the comprehensive schedule promises an electrifying year of world-class athletics action for fans to enjoy.

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