Valsir Mountain Running World Cup 2024: Schedule, Races, and Upgrades

Experience the excitement of the Valsir Mountain Running World Cup 2024 featuring 13 races in 8 countries. From the breathtaking Broken Arrow Skyrace to the challenging Sierre Zinal, each event promises thrill and competition. Find out about the upgraded features this season, such as anti-doping measures and enhanced prize money.

The Valsir Mountain Running World Cup 2024: An Exhilarating Calendar

The Valsir Mountain Running World Cup 2024 has unveiled an exhilarating calendar featuring 13 races spanning 10 events across eight countries. The competition kicks off in June with the adrenaline-pumping Broken Arrow Skyrace in Lake Tahoe, California, set to host two Gold label races over three days.

July promises a frenetic month of activity, with races scheduled almost every weekend. Familiar courses make a return, including the Grossglockner Mountain Run in Austria on July 7th and the Montemuro Vertical Run in Portugal on July 14th. The visually stunning Montée du Nid d’Aigle in France, introduced to the World Cup circuit in 2021, remains part of the program on July 20th.

As July draws to a close, the Giir di Mont in Italy, an old favorite, rejoins the World Cup circuit, offering a grueling 32km race with challenging ascents and descents. August 10th marks the renowned Sierre Zinal race in Switzerland, renowned for its challenging trails through the Swiss mountains.

September sees the World Cup landing in Casto, Italy, the hometown of Valsir, for the Vertical and Trofeo Nasego events. The Sky Gran Canaria, a Gold label race, also makes a return, this year with its longest route of the entire season at 44km.

Just 10 days later, the focus shifts to Slovenia for the classic distance event at Smarna Gora. Wrapping up the season, the final event takes place in Chiavena, Italy, continuing the tradition that commenced in 1986 as the inaugural officially recognised vertical kilometre.

The World Cup’s continued partnership with Valsir has paved the way for several upgrades to this season’s series, including WADA-accredited anti-doping measures for all Gold label races and increased travel assistance and overall prize pool, with the Valsir World Cup champions set to claim €5000 in 2024.

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